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Technical Support to finalize the Report of the Survey on Availability and Safety of Blood Transfusion during Humanitarian Emergencies

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

The safety and availability of blood and blood products is a great concern for populations in humanitarian emergencies and armed conflicts, which increase the demand for blood and blood products and make delivery of these lifesaving products challenging, complex, and requiring coordination, collaboration and cooperation among all stakeholders. About 75% of countries and 76 million people in the Eastern Mediterranean Region are affected by humanitarian emergencies.

WHO EMRO in collaboration with WHO HQ organized from 15 to 16 May 2016 in Tunis, Tunisia a regional consultation on the availability and safety of blood transfusion during humanitarian emergencies. In preparation for the consultation, WHO EMRO conducted a survey to assess the availability and safety of blood transfusion during humanitarian emergencies in the Region. The survey questionnaire was developed by Prof. Smit Sibinga who was one of the WHO temporary advisers during the consultation.

The questionnaire was sent to Directors of National Blood Transfusion Services of all countries in the Region. Twelve countries responded to the questionnaire (54.5% response rate) with combined population of over 500 million (covering 84% of the Region’s population). Preliminary findings of the survey were presented during the consultation in Tunis, and participants of the consultation recommended that WHO should finalize the report of the survey, including literature review, and disseminate widely.

Considering the increasing request from WHO COs and National Blood Transfusion Services for WHO EMRO technical assistance on a regular basis, there is a need for additional support to review the literature and finalize the survey report. IQM Consulting was requested to provide the technical assistance –

Terms of reference

  1. Conduct review of literature published in the area of availability and safety of blood transfusion during humanitarian emergencies;
  2. Review the preliminary report and prepare advanced draft for comments;
  3. Finalize the report as a manuscript for publication, and deliver an assignment report with an executive action document which includes an executive summary, recommendations and a plan of action.