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Research & Development

IQM Consulting initiates research and development in Transfusion Medicine related Health Sciences. The focus is on post-academic applied research and peer reviewed publications, and guidance of PhD and other thesis projects.

Scientific research, PhD and other thesis projects

Scientific research, PhD and other thesis projects focus on Transfusion Medicine related Health Sciences – e.g.,:

  • Modelling of blood supply and clinical use systems
  • Regulatory frameworks, governance, stewardship and leadership
  • Estimating national needs for blood; developing models
  • Cost calculation models in Transfusion Medicine; developing models
  • Key elements of infrastructure to allow safe and sustainable blood supply systems
  • Logistics of demand and supply in Transfusion Medicine (cold chain); regular and special conditions (contingency planning; humanitarian, nature, pandemics)
  • Key elements of infrastructure to allow safe and sustainable hospital transfusion practices (patient blood management, eliminating avoidable harm)
  • Epidemiology of clinical use of blood
  • Quality System and Quality System Management aspects of Transfusion Medicine; procurement and clinical use
  • Implementation of guidelines and standards; factors that determine sustained effect on current practices (both in procurement and clinical use – vein-to-vein)
  • Knowledge economy and its impact on developmental progress in LMICs
  • Cost effectiveness of introduction of advanced technology (e.g., TTIA markers, pathogen reduction, cryo-preservation) in developing countries
  • Social marketing as a tool to convert family and replacement ad hoc blood donation into regular stable voluntary and altruistic blood donation

Collaborative research

Collaborative applied research efforts have been developed with

  • Department of Pharmaco-economics, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Groningen
  • Department of Operational Research, Faculty of Economy and Econometrics, University of Amsterdam
  • Faculty of Medicine, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
  • Health Services Academy, affiliated with Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Medical Humanities Program, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • WHO EMRO Public Health Laboratories, Division of Communicable Disease Control
  • AABB Global Transfusion Forum


Health Sciences oriented
Academic level
PhD projects