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WHO EMRO mission to Syria

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

16 – 23 December 2016

Many countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, including Syria, are facing major challenges in ensuring the safety and availability of blood transfusion during humanitarian emergencies and armed conflicts.

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the number of people requiring blood transfusion has increased due to injuries. Seven of the 25 blood centres are out of control and the infrastructure of some of these centres has been damaged. The Syrian National Blood Transfusion Service has taken the initiative to address the challenges in ensuring safety and availability of blood transfusion for the patients in need.

WHO has been providing technical and financial assistance to the Ministry of Health of Syria to ensure availability and safety of blood transfusion in health facilities both in government and rebel held areas.

In line with the EM Regional Committee Resolution EM/RC63/R.5 ‘Strategic Framework for Blood Safety and Availability 2016-2025‘ the objectives of this Syria mission are:

  1. To review the current situation of blood transfusion services in Syria;
  2. To support WHO’s ongoing initiative to support the blood transfusion services and to evaluate progress made to date;
  3. To develop an action plan to address the identified gaps including:
    1. Immediate actions – in view of meeting the increased demand for blood during the on-going humanitarian emergencies and armed conflict.
    2. Long term actions – to develop the blood transfusion services in Syria.