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IQM Consulting provides guidance and advice services to developing countries that express a need (project based).

IQM Consulting has an international database of competent life sciences consultants from the professional field of Transfusion Medicine, health and social sciences and health economy to assist in the development and implementation of the programmes and projects.

IQM Consulting aims at developing international teaching, training and consultation potential for the implementation of the various elements of the activities and projects

The activities consist of three key elements:

  1. Development of safe, efficacious, accessible, affordable and sustainable blood supply and clinical use systems (vein-to-vein) as an integral part of health care systems in restricted economy countries that express a need;
  2. Active and supportive consultations, the support of practical and management workshops and seminars and provision of assessments and audits in Transfusion Medicine.
  3. Health Sciences research focused on the development of safe, efficacious, cost-effective and sustainable blood supply systems and rational clinical use.

Important elements of the core business are:

  • Educational programmes (human capacity building and networking);
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M & E) of all objectives and activities.

Key Performance:
– project based approach
– database of international consultants
– developing potential
– practical workshops
– rational clinical use