Teaching and Training

IQM Consulting assists in and provides education programmes at all levels of the transfusion organization (community oriented, core business and clinical interface, and management)

Individual programmes

  • training the teacher and trainer (ToT),
  • leadership, stewardship and governance development (Transfusion Medicine Leadership e-course)
  • PhD guidance and advice

Practical programmes

  • guidance and advice for apprentice training to develop skills and competence;

Class programmes

  • interactive seminars and workshops, creating awareness and ownership, and developing human capacity;

All education programmes:

  • are focused on knowledge and skills – competency
  • follow an agreed and tailor made curriculum
  • are modular and follow specific interactive curricula to gain optimal results
  • result into a certificate and a report including a Plan of Action
  • are evaluated regularly to secure effectiveness and sustainability
  • are focused on human capacity building and networking

– Individual
– Class
– Practical