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WHO Working Group on Ensuring Sufficient Safe Blood and Components Supply during Emergency Situations.


World Health Organization

In 2020 WHO launched a global Action framework to advance universal access to safe, effective and quality-assured blood products 2020-2023. To ensure proper guidance on safe and accessable blood and blood components during emergency situations, a Working Group has been put together in December 2021 to produce a Guidance document. Prof. Cees Th. Smit Sibinga  (IQM and University of Groningen) has been appointed to chair this Working Group over the year 2022 and put the Guidance document together. Dr. May Raouf from the United Arab Emirates has been appointed as the co-chair and WHO will serve as the secretariat.

The Working Group has 12 members from EMR, SEAR, AFR, WPR and EUR, supported by WHO HQ/MHP (2), /UHL(1) and /WRE(1), and representatives from EMRO, AFRO, SEARO and PAHO – (4).