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WHO EMRO Availability and Safety of Blood Transfusion during Humanitarian Emergencies

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

Strategic Framework for Blood Safety and Availability 2016-2025

WHO EMRO is supporting blood transfusion services of several countries in humanitarian emergencies and armed conflicts. These emergencies increase the demand for blood and blood products and make delivery of these lifesaving products challenging.


In 2016, WHO EMRO conducted an extensive assessment of the safety and availability of blood transfusion in humanitarian emergencies. Several countries completed the questionnaire.

Following the assessment, a regional consultation on the availability and safety of blood transfusion during humanitarian emergencies was conducted in May 2016. Twelve countries participated.

As a follow up to the consultation, a technical support mission to Iraq and Syria was conducted in 2016.


Yemen –

Yemen was invited to participate in the survey as well as the regional consultation. Unfortunately, the assessment questionnaire was not completed by Yemen, and the country was not represented during the regional consultation.

The purpose of the proposed mission in 9-14 April 2017 are:

  1. Visit the blood transfusion service in Yemen (e.g. Sana’a, Aden) to have a better understanding of the current situation on the ground and complete the questionnaire.
  2. Develop an action plan for the integration of blood transfusion services in the overall humanitarian response plan, and for recovery and further development of blood transfusion services.


Pakistan –

The mission in 18-28 April 2017 will have two components:

  1. The WHO assessment criteria for national blood regulatory systems will be sent to the blood regulators in Pakistan four weeks before the mission, to be completed by responsible bodies in selected Provinces.
  2. Technical support mission by WHO EMRO to discuss the findings of the review, initiate the process of updating the blood regulatory system and participate in a WHO workshop on blood regulation (planned in the last week of April).


The mission participants:

  1. Prof. Dr. Cees Th. Smit Sibinga (IQM Consulting)
  2. Dr. Yetmgeta Eyayou Abdella (WHO EMRO)