Guidance & Advice


IQM Consulting is a not for profit organization with core expertise for guidance, advice and development of blood transfusion improvement projects in countries with developing economies

IQM Consulting provides its guidance and advice activities according to WHO principles as developed by the WHO Blood Transfusion Safety (BTS) unit of the Department of Essential Health Technologies (EHT) in Geneva.

This includes an extensive and tailor made education – teaching and training – activity, both in-country as well as abroad.

IQM Consulting focuses on development of safe, efficacious, accessible, affordable and sustainable blood supply and transfusion structures at national and regional level;

IQM Consulting focuses on development, implementation and improvement of Quality and Quality Management Systems, including ISO 9001:2015, in Transfusion Medicine;

IQM Consulting provides short term consultations focused on base-line assessment of current situations and advice on directions and projects for improvement;

IQM Consulting provides medium term consultations focused on support of implementation of principles and structures in order to comply with existing regulations;

IQM Consulting provides long term consultations focused on projects to establish safe and sustainable blood supply systems at national level to guarantee avaliability and safety of blood transfusion, in line with the UN Universal Health Coverage (UHC) principles and the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and in vitro Diagnostics.

Registered data base of international consultants

A registered data base of international consultants is able to serve in various fields of expertise in the entire ‘vein-to-vein’ Transfusion Medicine chain.
This includes:

  • infrastructure, legal and regulatory aspects
  • organization and management (governance and leadership)
  • quality systems and quality management
  • audit and inspection systems, e.g., ISO 9001:2015 and cGMP
  • community awareness and mobilization (social marketing)
  • core processes of transfusion medicine;
    • collection (blood and blood components),
    • processing and testing,
    • storage and distribution of blood and blood products (cold chain),
    • clinical interface and haemovigilance

Quality management
Core business